Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another Speech

The semester is winding down and with 16 credits I am finding myself occupied with school work most of the time.  Luckily it's all over by May 15th and I'll then have time to put into leisure activities like this.

I'll just put up a speech we had to give about a talent we had because I really enjoyed this one.  We've received the final speech for the class and boy howdy I am looking forward to the hilarity.  It's an 8-10 minute speech with a media component on a controversial topic.

P.S. He gave us 3 fucking pages of controversial topics.  Variety is the spice of life, eh?

I'm interested in seeing what "sources" and "facts" people use.  There's been a trend of bullshit "facts" in some people's speeches.  The good news?  I had actual facts in mine and my speeches on not having religion taught in schools and my secular agenda if I was president went over surprisingly well.

In other news work still never fails to piss me off.  Everyone is super interested in what everyone else is doing or not doing and not what they are actually getting done.  Now I admit that I am not as proactive and gun ho as I was during my first year, because why bust my ass if all that will net me is "solid performer", but I still manage to get a lot done.  Despite this the technically temp status coworker that has horrible body odor all day every day (He says he's aware of it, but I don't smell the attempts to hide it.  I can forgive you if I smell the mixture of odor and failing deodorant) feels the need to tell me I'm "lazy."  Cool story, bro.

Also, my grandmother, who turned 90 about 2 weeks ago, has taken a tumble and fractured her lower leg.  Its the type of fracture that needs surgery, but at her age and her bone strength it's looking like it's a no go.  She broke her hip a few years ago and the surgeon was concerned his pins would not stay in her thin bones.  His words were, and I quote, "Her bones are like swiss cheese."

Tied in with the whole her pretty much refusing to eat hospital food I don't see my grandmother walking again.  She was barely doing it now and if she has to spend 6 months not walking she will never get it back.  The doctors also confirmed the congestive heart failure my mother and I speculated about for a year now.  It will just be frustrating moving forward because even mentioning a nursing home just for rehab or the possibility of ending up at an assisted living place long term is met with her tearing you a new asshole.  If she can't go back to her apartment she will be absolutely miserable.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Current Projects

The end of my semester and impending transfer is within sight.  The "official" end of the semester is May 20th, so that's not too far off.  This semester I'm taking a business systems class and 50% of our grade is a service learning project.  Basically we had to contact a non-profit organization and try to "fix" a problem of their using Microsoft Access.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

There's More to It

Yep, I'm back with another post.  It's Spring Break now, and this year I actually get a whole 10 days off from school.  After wrapping up a pretty hectic week at school and adding amateur Easter bunny photographer to my resume I am now home with my parents to enjoy my time off and celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday, which isn't actually until mid-April  but we're doing it now since this week is the only time I'll probably be home until after graduation.

I'm going to get a little revealing for a moment and note that a small part of my absence was unwinding from the stress of a recent shooting in my hometown.  On March 13 a 64 year old man went on a small shooting spree in Mohawk and Herkimer New York.  Four gentlemen lost their lives and two more were injured before the gunman, Kurt Meyers holed himself up in an abandoned building on Main St. in Herkimer.  He took out a canine officer before being killed by police.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Presidential Speeches: An Assignment

This week's speech topic was to pick a presidential speech and write about why we liked it.  I know I am going to go into class this afternoon and hear a lot about Kennedy, Reagan,Clinton, and Obama.  Those are the go-to guys for students, it seems.  In my never ending search to be different and my odd fascination for all things old time-y wime-y I decided to go a different direction.