Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh, I Get By

Apparently I need to keep my day job.  Good news is that I intend to since I have quite a few more years of supporting myself.  By quite a few more years I mean roughly 4-5 more decades.  Unlike some I actually plan on working for a living.

Currently I work weekends at a nationwide retailer.  Yep, that's my day job and yes, I do work Saturdays.  Not sure when the hell else I should work since most weekdays my ass is on campus being a boss in class and I have to make $ to pay my own way somehow.
 I'm the only girl in my department and yes I do deal with creepy guys and people who assume that, since I have a vagina,  I don't know a thing about electronics.  Am I going to cry, or freak out, or whine about it on twitter?  No, I just go about my day combating the stereotypes by just being my great salesperson self.

I'm a strong and independent woman and I go through life with my chin up in the face of any adversity.  I'm not a victim of any kind because I know how to handle things.  Are the old farts who feel the need to put their hand on my arm while I'm talking about tv's creepy?  Yeah.  Is it uninvited?  You bet.  Am I going to be the bigger person by taking a step away and dazzle them with my knowledge and charisma and make them re-think their position?  Hell yes.

Besides, if I rag on old men then I have to rag on the old ladies who do the same thing.  Some women spout about how they'd fight a guy that touched them without permission.  If you wouldn't react the same way to an elderly woman doing the same thing then I'm not convinced you're for equality between the genders.

It's also very nice that you're privileged enough to have plenty of cash on hand to be able to overreact to everything and either end up fired or quitting your job.  If you are offering to pay my bills for me so I don't have to feel uncomfortable around anyone ever again great, I'll send you my bank account routing number so you can share the love.

Until then I'll just continue to be a mature adult who picks her battles wisely, doesn't have victim mentality, and doesn't lose her shit over the littlest things.


  1. Since you mentioned stuff that I wrote about here...

    Yes actually, though I tend to be less aggressive with the women.

    Why? Because most of the time the touch is attention getting, rather than the suggestive leaving of body part on mine. The expression, the tone of voice, the words used, the area they touch, the rest of the body language have generally been very different from men than from women. And the women, when I do the polite "don't touch me, please" apologise. The men go "Oh, but...." and keep touching.

    While the field I work in is predominantly female, I have male clients ask if there is a guy who can carry their large dogs into the clinic. I'm only 5'6" but a 100lb dog is nothing for me to carry. So you know how I deal with them? "I can do it. Watch." And then I pick up their dog and walk away with it.

    I do, indeed, directly confront their stereotype and prove it wrong... without making their behaviour seem okay by smiling and ignoring it.

  2. I don't see the need to react any differently because the kinds and relative comfort of the touches does not vary between the women and the men for me. Both tend to be the condescending "oh sweet girl" touches and no, I don't just smile and ignore it, hence the part I wrote about stepping away. I'd like to make a sale and I don't see the need to instigate something by directly addressing it when breaking physical contact will suffice.

    And guess who continues to pursue uncomfortable physical contact after I break it? I'll give you a hint, it's not the men.