Monday, April 8, 2013

Current Projects

The end of my semester and impending transfer is within sight.  The "official" end of the semester is May 20th, so that's not too far off.  This semester I'm taking a business systems class and 50% of our grade is a service learning project.  Basically we had to contact a non-profit organization and try to "fix" a problem of their using Microsoft Access.

A classmate approached me saying that she had a place and would I be her partner.  Stupid me said yes even though we had the option of working alone because apparently I haven't yet learned my lesson about partners.  Later found out that when she asked me to be her partner she hadn't contacted this place and, of course, when she finally did they turned her down.  Apparently in her mind that means I had to save the day despite not being from the area and essentially having no connections around here.  The places I emailed didn't respond and shit was about to hit the fan.  Luckily my mother called her high school friend and saved my rear end.  So now I'm doing a database project for the church this woman attends.  Kind of weird since I don't attend this church or even believe in their god.  But hey, when something is 50% of your grade you can't bite the hand that feeds.

So today I handed in all the contact information and breathed a sigh of relief before heading home.  I then received a call from one of the places I had contacted earlier.   They're a riding center that focuses on therapy for the disabled and I had emailed them because that's a pretty fucking cool thing to do, right?  After reading about the project and the program the coordinator thought that would really help their organization go to the next level, provided access can be smushed into their budget.

So now I've gone from no places to two.  I have already made a commitment to my mom's friend, but I want to help the riding center as well.  Solution?  Told the riding center coordinator that my class project needs had been fulfilled, but I would definitely want to help them out.  I wouldn't be able to do anything for them until the semester is over, but at least then I'd have 2 solid databases to show her as examples (one retail, one inventory/sign out forms) and then she can decide if the program is feasible for their needs.  Like I told her it's never bad to continue to do community service so I was definitely still interested.


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