Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Final Speech - Morality

My beautiful face and a speech

So this week is my last public speaking class and therefore our last assignment.  We had to pick a controversial topic from the 4 page list and do an 8-10 minute speech that included at least two sources and a multimedia aspect.

I've gotten A's on everything thus far and I imagine this one will be no different.  Worst I'll get from the professor is a few points off because I am over 10 minutes.  Oh well, there wasn't anything I wanted to cut. Actually, if I could have done so, I would have said more.  Most of the class has struggled to make their 8 minutes, so I won't feel bad about going above and beyond what I needed.

Because I figured "why the hell not?" I have edited my speech into a youtube video.  I wish lightworks had cooperated with me, but it didn't.  Windows Movie Maker works, sure, but I can't get the pictures to overlay so there are these strange bits of silence.  Oh well, I don't know of anyone who made a perfect video the first time around.  If I find myself having more things to share on the youtubes I'll probably invest in Lightroom.

Many of the other student's projects have been hilarious.  They've managed to ramble for 8 minutes without pushing any real point.  Ok, so we have frivolous lawsuits... what would you do to fix it?  Welfare issues?  Thanks for whining about them for 8 minutes, but you haven't addressed what has caused it or how to improve it.

The crazy award goes to the student who spent 8.5 minutes on Milton William Cooper's nutter theories in his book Behold a Pale Horse and blamed the Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook shootings on a mass government conspiracy to drug people and disarm them... or something.  Prozac, Zoloft, and other drugs designed to help treat depression, anxiety, etc are apparently bad, I guess, because a handful of people committed atrocities while prescribed these medications.  While I do agree that medications aren't perfect and can have negative side effects I don't think they are inherently bad.  What I didn't hear was his statistic on how many people have adverse effects and behaviors compared to the number of people who have improved on them.

The most hilarious bit was him speculating that the Boston Bombings could be caused by this conspiracy as well.  This guy is an openly muslim student.  Most of his speeches have mentioned the "Enlightened" Mohammad or Bible/Quran scripture in some way.  I guessed he missed the part where the bombers were following whacked out Islam fed to them from some crazy guy.

He also insisted that everyone "knows" that they have a third eye and if we listened to him and kept it open we would agree with him by the end.  Cue me suppressing the desire to ask him where on my body it is located.

So I have a little under 2 weeks left and the pressure's on.  I still have a 5 page drama/theater paper to write + all the journals I hadn't felt like doing.  I also have to finish The Quants and write a book report on it.  Plus finish this stupid Access project that I just can't get to work right.

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